What We Do
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Arts & Culture

The healing aspect of creativity, and empowerment through healthy self-expression are at the root of this program. A celebration of Urban culture.

• Diversity Equity & Inclusion for youth access to arts

• Local artists engaged with urban teens for self-expression

Feeding the Community

Every weekend we hand out hundreds of hot ready to eat meals from our sidewalk at 6th & College.

• Keeping families fed in a food insecure community

• Engaging teens in philanthropy of feeding others

Fitness & Movement

We are removing the financial & demographic boundaries to yoga, movement and mindfulness classes. Classes are taught by certified instructors, and offered at a pay-what-you-can donation rate.

Movement Classes << follow link to movement schedule

• Diversity Equity & Inclusion for access to yoga and mindfulness

• Improved wellness for individual community members

• Stress relief and improved self-confidence

Basic Needs Drives

We facilitate seasonal drives in response to discrepancy in income-to-needs-ratio in our surrounding community With basic needs met a community can thrive.

Calendar of Drives:

December Coat Drive <<< fulfilled. Thank you!

February Hoodie Drive <<< fulfilled. Thank you!

Spring Clothing Drive <<< fulfilled. Thank you!